Five Common Essay Writing Mistakes Students Make

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If you have been assigned an essay or term paper writing task, or if you have to create an impressive admission essay for getting enrolled in a good university, there are certain writing blunders that you must avoid. These mistakes are often committed by even the best of students, and these are potentially harmful errors that can damage your grade or in case you are a college or university applicant, they can diminish your chances of getting admission in the desired institute. For making a quality term paper, it is essential to keep in mind the characteristics of a good academic essay, but it will be even more helpful to consider these popular mistakes, in order to avoid them.

  1. 1.       No Thesis Statement

A thesis is the main argument on which the entire essay is based. The complete discussion or analysis of your research-based or opinion-based paper is summed up in this one statement and it is often the first aspect of your composition that a teacher looks for. Even if your paper is well-researched but lacks thesis, it will create a bad impression as it won’t be considered a properly structured essay.

  1. 2.       Lack of Evidence

 It is especially seen in the case of research paper or dissertation writing. A research assignment without properly cited evidences is not considered a research paper at all, because research arguments and findings need validation. If your essay is correctly cited with relevant research sources, it would become an opinion-based essay.

  1. 3.       Spelling Mistakes

 There is nothing more that annoy professors than spelling errors and typos. Students often rely on spell-check software which is not sufficient because it often overlooks some of the words and so they end up losing marks. The best way to avoid spelling mistakes is to re-read your paper once before submitting.

  1. 4.       Repetitive Phrases

 Repetition, either it is same words repeated over and over again or same idea given in every paragraph makes an academic paper dull and repulsive. It also gives an impression that the student has not conducted comprehensive research and hence has not much to say.

  1. 5.       Writing without Conclusion

 One of the most common blunders student do while writing term papers is they end up their paper without giving conclusion. A conclusion is basically the last paragraphs which summarizes all the important points of the debate and is a vital component of any essay.

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