Top Five Bizarre College Essay Topics

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As high school graduates throughout the country plan to get in the best colleges and are
working hard to enhance and polish their analyzing and essay writing skills for passing in their entry
examinations, one must keep abreast about the sort of question admission officers often ask. Here
are top five strangest essay topics that have been asked by some wacky admission officers.

1. A movie will be made on your life in the year 2050. Suggest an appropriate title for your
movie and write a brief story line.

Examination officers often throw in such kind of amusing writing tasks for helping students
get rid of stress which they face while applying to any renowned institution. However, some
students find them more stressful than any other thing they had prepared for.

2. Write a short poem that best signifies your life/ lifestyle.

Such kind of questions can be a nightmare, especially for students who aren’t really good
with words. As a result, admission officers get to read the most hilarious of compositions.

3. Predict something audacious that is about to happen in 2030.

Such kind of essay writing task was given to student by University of Virginia in 1999, and
each year several fun questions take their place in the University’s admission paper. Such
question are however optional and hence students don’t lose marks for not addressing

4. How did you escape or get caught? (as the case may be).

This is the kind of stuff Chicago University often asks students to determine their creative
writing skills, assess their intellect and ability to handle diverse assignments. Such essay
topics can be a pleasurable challenge for a student doing majors in literature or creative

5. You have just finished your 250-page autobiography. Kindly submit page no. 245.

Such writing assignments were initially introduced by University of Pennsylvania, and
gradually various other colleges adopted it. There’s a popular apocryphal about a father who
called and requested the admission officer if he could delay the submission time as his son
wouldn’t be able to finish a 250 page autobiography within the deadline.

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