Ten Must-Have Mobile Apps for College Students

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  1. iStudiez

student help apps

iStudiez is an amazing organizing app that keeps track of your assignments, grades, deadlines and many other important activities. Once you save your class schedule into the app, you no longer have to keep checking your college student portal because iStudiez will remind you of all upcoming deadlines and other academic updates. The Pro version is available for just $2.95 and allows you to enter unlimited class schedules. The Lite version is also useful, but you can only track a limited number of classes.

2. EasyBib

easybib app

No other free referencing app can beat EasyBib. You can easily generate references and in-text citations in any style you want (APA, MLA, Harvard etc.) simply by entering the document title in its auto-search bar or by scanning the QR code of the book. Once your bibliography is completed, you can email it to yourself for later use on desktop or share it with anyone. With this handy app on your mobile, you don’t have to spend hours formatting your references and of course, have no excuse to put off that essay.

  1. Dictionary.com for Mobile

free dictionary app

An award-winning app with over 2 million definitions, Dictionary.com Mobile is a must-have app, especially for those who are in the academic field. The best part of this app is it also works offline and you can save your favorite words/idioms for later reading. The user interface is quite good and simple. The app also provides you synonyms and antonyms along with the meanings.

  1. Studious

Studious app

Studious is also a free app makes your learning experience in the class free from distractions and prevents you from getting a bad image in your tutors eyes, as it automatically turns your mobile on silent mode during your classes. All you need to do is enter your class timings and Studious will take care of the rest.

  1. TED

ted talks education

TED is a famous platform where people from all walks of life share motivational and inspirational ideas and useful information through video talks. In todays corrupt environment, it is necessary to stay focused and motivated towards your goals. TED app is free with an interactive user interface which will give you instant access to thousands of thought leaders. You can explore speakers related to your area of interest and make the best use of your leisure time.

  1. Evernote

evernote-for- students

Evernote is the best note taking app with some killer features that a student would want in a note taking app, such as composing, clipping and bookmarking notes. The application could be used on desktops, iPads etc. and it comes with various add-ons to make notes taking even more easier and fun. Evernote also released its new feature “Work Chat” which is gaining popularity among students because with this cool feature you can chat with other Evernote users.

  1. Mint

With so much going on in our life, who has the time to keep track of their finances and spending. Mint is a wonderful app which connects to your bank or Paypal account and keeps a track of your spendings through automatically categorizing your expenses and informing you about unnecessary purchases. With one click you can create your budget based on your spending history.

  1. StudyBlue Flashcards

We all know how useful flash cards are when it comes to memorizing information, but making them could be awfully boring and annoying. StudyBlue Flashcards is something every student who uses flashcards must install in his or her mobile. With this app, you can easily use audio, images and text to make your own stack of flashcards. If you are too lazy to do this, you can even search for the flashcards from the enormous Flashcards directory of flashcards in a variety of topics and pre-made cards you find useful.

  1. Dropbox


Dropbox is a free cloud computing app which allows you to share all sorts of files, videos and images to anyone with just a click. You can also access your files from anywhere with any device. With this fantastic app, you will never have to email yourself  a file again!

  1. Mendeley

Mendeley is another must-have app for grads serious about research. This app serves as a personal research assistant that enables you to easily gather, organize, cite, and share research material. The app’s search directory has over 30 million research papers on a diverse range of subjects, and in seconds you can import references, and create private collection of books and articles for each assignment you’re working on.

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