Five Essentials of Research Report Writing

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Report writing is one of the most diverse and complex of all writing tasks. Writing a report, whether for academic use or business purpose, is a powerful tool of providing factual information, recorded data, investigations, researches, analysis etc. to a person or organization who wants to use that information. A report is defined as an orderly and systematic presentation of factual information that supports in problem-solving and decision making process.

A good report serves as an investigating and decision making tool as it clearly presents the analysis and statistical information of the factors relevant to a particular matter. This kind of research paper is also used for planning and critical evaluation as it contains useful analytical information about key resources and other important aspects to an issue. 

There are different types of reports, each with different structure and format; however in this post, we will only focus on Academic report writing. 

University students are often required to write research reports for assessment purposes, particularly in the fields of Psychology, Marketing, Sciences and Engineering. The ultimate goal of writing a research report to provide a clear understand of your research topic, analysis and outcome of the study to the audience or examiner. 

Below listed are five essentials of a perfect research report.

1.     Factual Accuracy

A report writer should be extra careful in quoting facts and statistical data. Since the information given in the report is research-based whose findings and analysis are used for making crucial decisions, a writer must gather info from scholarly and legitimate sources and must proofread the info at least twice in order to avoid presenting incorrect data.

2.     Precision and Objectivity

A student before drafting a report, any academic topic should keep in mind that such a research paper should be objective in nature, i.e. free from the writer’s personal opinions. A professional essay writer is also definite about the actual purpose of the report and does not drift away from it throughout the paper. A writer can turn a report into a valuable research paper when it is written with precision because it brings credibility and trust in the findings or information provided in the report.

3.     Relevance

Another characteristic of a good quality report is relevance. A report writer must always include those empirical evidences, statistics and facts which are relevant to the actual subject or objective of the report. Citing info from irrelevant sources can make the paper weak and its findings unreliable. The key here is to only look for the relevant pieces of information from scholarly sources i.e. journals, published reports, books etc. and to give their proper reference. For an impressive research report, accurate date and relevant facts are inevitable.

4.     Clarity

For an academic report, a student must prepare a rough outline of the things that will be included in the document. Using pointers will help in addressing all the main points in the report. Also the language of the report should be simple and clear. Try to avoid long sentences and complicated terms but at the same time, the language should be formal an academic.

5.     Perfect Format

Your report should follow a standard format which includes abstract, introduction, research or analysis, results/findings, conclusion and references.

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