Great Persuasive Essay Writing Tips

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Writing a persuasive essay is similar to a lawyer preparing strong evidence to defend a case in the court. It involves taking a definite position, either in against or favor, on any issue and then proving to the reader through presenting valid, research-centered arguments that your stance on the topic is stronger. The main goal of the essay writer is to convince the readers to accept your outlook on a certain matter. This can only be achieved if your points are supported by recent research sources as well as firm grasp of structuring arguments, attentiveness towards readers’ beliefs and biases and in-depth understanding of contrasting sides of the issue.

Here are few helpful tips on how you can write a captivating and impressive and good quality persuasive essay.

  1. The first step to writing a moving academic paper is to do proper planning. The student should conduct extensive research on the topic first before choosing a specific position on the topic. It will help to you to analyze what kinds of research sources are available and what do most of them conclude. Choosing a particular view to an issue for which adequate research evidence is not available may lead you to using non-scholarly or unauthentic sources which will ultimately make your persuasive essay weak.
  2. The next phase is the organizing phase in which you have to produce an outline of the paper encompassing all the key points that you will elaborate in your research paper. The outline will assist you to organize the structure of your essay and in making sure that you don’t miss out on any important point.
  3. After you have prepared an outline of your assignment, you can now write a draft which will be built on the key points in the outline. The draft will include the introductory paragraph, body, opposing view paragraph and conclusion. The most important of all these elements is the introduction. It is important that your introduction should have a hook that could invoke readers’ interest and compel them to read further.
  4. Once you have completed your essay, it is always helpful to ask a friend to review it and give honest judgment about it. Never submit your assignment without proofreading it for spelling and grammatical mistakes as well as citations. If you are not good in APA, Harvard or MLA citations, take guidance from authentic and user-friendly referencing sites such as Purdue Owl ( to learn about correct pattern of in-text citations and referencing in bibliography.

It is always a great idea to ask for expert help when you are unsure whether you can write a quality research essay that will meet your professor’s expectations. Our qualified writing team can craft a perfectly-formatted, deeply researched and non-plagiarized custom college essays for you that will surely get your instructor’s approval.


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