How to Write a Brilliant Literature Review

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Literature Review writing is one of the most essential parts of any research study. The purpose of the literature review is to analyze published information related to your research topic. This is done by consulting various academic resources such as peer reviewed journals, books, conference papers, organization reports, research studies etc. Critical evaluation of existing information provides a unique understanding of the subject. A literature review writing task can either be undertaken separately or it can be a part of a larger research study.

Gathering Relevant Research Material

Research can be carried out by using online libraries, E-journals and the web. It is very important to ensure the authenticity of your resources. It is not advisable to rely on information given on websites like Wikipedia, blogs, random websites and research papers or documents whose authorship is unknown. Using published books, peer reviewed journal articles and official organizations/ government reports is the best way to extract reliable facts.

Once you have browsed your material, the next step is to figure out which information is relevant to your topic. It is vital to use all the relevant material from the resources because the more genuine literature you consult, the more in-depth and strong your study will be. The literature review will also discuss various definitions proposed by different scholars and how these agree or disagree on various points.


Writing Process

A professional essay writer tries to define the goal of literature review writing before starting the writing process; It is important to ask yourself what do you seek to establish through your study? What is the research problem or hypothesis? What type of review will you be conducting? The answer to these questions will help you put your findings in a consistent flow.

Format and Length

Different points of your research should be presented in sub-headings, the use of bullets is not recommended. Generally the length of a literature review ranges from 3000-5000 words, however the word count depends on the extensiveness of your topic. If you are unsure about the length seek the guidance of your college academic advisers. Your adviser will be able to assist you with what you should include and exclude in your literature review.


The findings you reveal through your research should be presented in detail and it should be done objectively. This means that you should not give your personal opinions or assessment at any point since you are only required to report the work has been done on your topic. You should focus more on the recognized authorities on the subject and ensure that you give a complete reference of all the sources. If your findings are multiple, classify them into sub-headings to make your assignment clearer.

Citations and References

It is necessary to follow the referencing method followed by your college or university. Every institute has clearly written referencing guides available to be used by the students. It is extremely important to paraphrase and quote the ideas properly to avoid plagiarism.

Once concluded, proofread through your literature review for any semantic, referencing or grammatical error. If you think your research was good enough, and relevant material was located and if your review is germane, correct and useful to your reader, then you have written a good quality literature review.

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