Expository Essay Writing – Basics and Format

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Writing an expository essay requires a student to research a topic, gather and evaluate information and evidence, explain the idea and put forward an argument concerning your stance on the topic in a simple and clear way. The tools used in expository essay to achieve this include cause and effect, comparisons and contrasts, analysis, definitions, elaborations etc.

This kind of essay is a combination of persuasive, analytical and research essay and is majorly assigned to college and university level students for assessing their learning and understanding. In order to write a good quality expository essay, it is essential that a student is fully aware of the standard format as it differs from typical term papers.

·        First paragraph – Thesis statement

You must begin your essay with a clear and concise thesis statement. It is crucial to narrow the thesis statement as possible and it should follow the instructions of the custom assignment. A student should spend adequate time in researching and planning for coming up with a precise statement on which the entire academic paper will be based.

·        Body paragraphs- Empirical evidences supporting argument

In an expository essay, each paragraph should address a new aspect of the argument. For example, if you are writing on rising inflation in the country, you can expound on the political factors in the first para, economic factors in the second and legal or social elements in the third. Remember that your arguments should flow in a logical and systematic way so that the reader can follow the essay argument. Make sure that you validate your arguments with empirical evidences for making them strong and credible.

·        Conclusion

Many students mistake conclusion for summary and end up writing the same points made in the body paragraphs. Conclusion should not merely repeat the facts but restate them in the light of given evidences. However, this part of your expository essay should not introduce a new idea, instead it should synthesized the aforementioned facts and present the conclusion in a way that leaves a strong and clear impression on a reader.

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