How to Write a Killer Essay Introduction

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How many times have you heard that a first impression is the last impression? It is true especially for academic papers like essays and term papers. An engaging and well-written introduction is extremely important to grab the attention of the reader and spark interest for the topic researched in the paper.

For a typical research paper, a thesis statement is like a backbone which serves to inform and direct the entire thesis or dissertation. The first sentence of your introduction should be creative enough to capture the reader’s interest as it acts like a ‘hook’ that attracts the audience. As you look for references and relevant information, you would come across exciting quotes, facts or anecdotes which can be effectively used for the introduction.

Below are few useful ways to craft a top notch thesis introduction.

  • It is a brilliant idea to start your introduction with a surprising fact that not only enhance the knowledge of readers but also has the element of wonder.
  • Humor is another great way to start off your essay, however, dissertations and thesis can’t have much of it. For essays and creative writing tasks, beginning the introduction with humorous sarcasm can really help the paper earn better scores.
  • Another fine way to introduce a topic is through a relevant and thought-provoking quote. For example, you can start an essay on women’s right by the famous quote of Hillary Rodham Clinton ‘There cannot be true democracy unless women’s’ voices are heard’.
  • For papers like thesis and dissertations, the purpose of the introduction should be acquainting the reader with the topic and aims and objectives of the research. The introduction should serve as a sneak peak to the entire paper and should also state the scope and importance of the issue. Another key element of thesis introduction is the thesis statement in which the research problem is stated clearly. The foremost requirement for a thesis statement is that it should be clearly expressed, so that the audience would get clear idea of what the writer plans to explore, and in what way the issue is an important one.



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