Why students buy custom essays online?

Essay writing is one of the most compulsory tasks that students have to deal with at least once in an academic year. Essays are one of the factors on the basis of which students are judged for their writing and cognitive skills as well as their general knowledge. Therefore, students are also required to write an essay to get admission in colleges or universities as they are able to determine how competent and creative a candidate is from how he and she expresses her ideas and knowledge in an admission essay. While it sounds like an easy and simple task, but more is meant than meets the ears. A good essay requires the author to write his ideas in a clear, concise way and compose it in a way that it grabs the interest of the readers and convinces them to acknowledge, appreciate and agree to the authors’ approach to a problem.

Unfortunately, many students do not possess good writing skills and strong enough vocabulary to write an ‘A’ grade essay and choose to buy custom essays online. There are a number of reasons why students prefer taking help from professional writers and buy custom essays online, but we have listed down the most common ones.


1. Coming up with an appropriate thesis statement

The thesis statement is the backbone of every essay because it contains the main idea or central message of your paper. Therefore, it should be well-phrased, short, clear and concise. Many students struggle with coming up with a good thesis statement and they opt to buy custom essays online to avoid having their paper steered away in a wrong direction.

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  1. Academic writing skills

There is a huge difference between academic writing and content writing in terms of sentence structure, use of words, tone, style and format. Unlike content or story writing, academic writing is formal and follows a strict set of grammar and formatting rules. College tutors grade an assignment or custom essay not just on the basis of the ideas presented, but how well a student follows these rules of academic writing. So if a student’s essay has some great ideas supported by evidences but it is not properly referenced and formatted, it can be considered plagiarism, which is a serious offense and students could face failure, and at times, could be expelled for committing this offense. Therefore, to avoid taking the risk of failure or being expelled, students seek essay writing help from custom paper writing services and either hire a proofreader to proofread their paper or just pay to order a custom essay online.

  1. Lack of Time

We all know that writing a custom essay or research paper is extremely time consuming and requires complete attention and devotion. It takes days of dedication, research and hard work to complete an assignment. In todays fast paced society, the biggest challenge students face is managing their time. It is a nearly impossible to take out time for attending classes, seminars, extracurricular activities, work, personal and social commitments. Sometimes the assignment submission deadlines are so short that it becomes nearly impossible for students, who are also engaged in other academic and non-academic activities, to turn in their custom research papers on time. They have no choice than to buy custom essay online from any reputable paper writing service.

  1. Research and Resources

Another key reason why students visit essay writing help websites to buy essays online for cheap is the lack of research sources. Composing a well-researched paper requires the use of different kinds of research material such as journal articles, reports, research papers, statistics, etc. and most of the research sources online are not free. Buying essays online from custom writing services provides them with an advantage of getting a highly researched paper that contains evidences from many scholarly sources and books because many paper writing services have access to several premium libraries and journals.

Apart from unavailability of research sources, many students who place an order online to buy essays from paper writing services don’t have strong research skills and therefore they are not fully able to gather good evidences to support their essay topic and organize the data to include in their research papers.

  1. Unsure about their Essay Quality

When students contact custom paper writing services online to get their essays proofread and edited, they want to be sure that their paper is free of any semantic, logical, grammatical and formatting errors and is to also make sure that their content is not plagiarized. The proofreaders and editors working for such essay writing companies are qualified and have ample experience of checking academic papers and they point out any mistake students make and also give professional advices about how to make their essay better quality. This gives students confidence and peace of mind that the research or term papers they are about to submit fulfills the requirements of the college tutor.