A Guide to Business Report Writing

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A business report is an essential part of actively managing any business and conveys specific information about your business to other individuals. Sometimes those other individuals are investors and sometimes they are employees. Whichever recipients the report is written for, the purpose is to communicate specific information concerning the business. Business report writing is used for a range of topics and objectives. In writing a business report, the following steps should be considered:

  • Determine the purpose of your report,
  • Consider the target audience,
  • Collect and organize the supporting information,
  • Determine the solutions, recommendations and result,
  • Determine the format of the report.

A report could be presented as a standardized form report, a memo report or a formal report. It is very important that you write your report in a professional and systematic manner. Business report can be divided into the following six components:

1.     Executive Summary:

Write a clearly defined executive summary of all the key points of the business report including a purpose statement. You may also include a table of contents or at least a summary of the sections. The executive summary is very important because it will set the theme for the rest of the report.

2.     Introduction & Key Findings:

The introduction should only be a couple of sentences which must deliver the reader with the necessary background information regarding why the report was written. The findings point out discoveries made during the course of the investigating the report. Compose your key findings in a clear and concise manner for your audience.

3.     Body of the Report:

The body of the report should comprise of all the information that you have gathered. You need to present your discoveries along with the supporting information and analysis. You can also use illustrations such as tables, graphs, and charts to support your outcome. Consolidate the section using headings and subheadings.

4.     Conclusions:

Briefly and clearly state your conclusion. Keep this section concise and support your conclusions with your key findings.

5.     Recommendations:

Recommendations are one of the most important parts when writing a business report. You should provide recommendations for further action in addition to your findings and conclusions. Showcase your ideas and why you believe that these ideas can solve the problem. Validate your recommendations by providing an implementation strategy.

6.     Edit and Proofread the Report:

Revise the report several times to make necessary modifications in the report. Ask a responsible source to review it over for you as well. Your business report will be read by an executive so don’t let anything slip through the cracks.


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